Doulas of Regina Relief Fund – Doula Agreement

The Doulas of Regina Relief Fund is a program to provide financial assistance to women who want doula support and can otherwise not afford it. The Relief Fund can provide a maximum of $250 per birth.

You must agree to the following terms if you wish to be a participating doula that will accept clients using the Relief Fund:

  • I am an active member of the Doulas of Regina in good standing.
  • I acknowledge that by agreeing to be on the Relief Fund list I am partially volunteering my time and services. This fund is not a top-up for my normal fee.
  • I understand that the maximum payment I will receive for taking on clients using the Relief Fund is $350; $250 from the Relief Fund and up to​ $100 from the client.
  • I will not accept more than $100 in additional payment from the clients using the Relief Fund.
  • Additional payment is based on a client’s individual ability to pay and is determined by the clients own admission and willingness as indicated on the application form.
  • I agree to use the contract supplied by the Relief Fund Committee upon being hired by the client.
  • I agree that if a client using the Relief Fund wishes to hire me and I am available that I will accept them. ** Of course, this is based on your connection with the client. You should never accept a client you feel uncomfortable working with.**
  • I agree to be on the Relief Fund doula list for a 1 year term. The term runs from October-September.
  • I acknowledge and accept that my name will be placed on the list given to approved Relief Fund applicants.

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