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This event finished on 15 December 2018

Do you have a full schedule or live out of town? Is baby coming soon? Would you like a refresher class? The one-day condensed prenatal class is for you!

It’s loaded with the essentials of prenatal education. Topics include signs of labour, stages of labour and what to do (including when to go to hospital), birth support, interventions, informed decision making, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour. Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed, as well as routine procedures. This class focuses on birth, prep and the immediate postpartum hours.

Angie has over 10 years experience teaching prenatal classes to hundreds of expectant parents.  This class is offered at the YWCA, Regina.

$135 for group classes, offered monthly. Register at through the YWCA or at

Private classes are available.

Angie Evans

Angie Evans

Birth Doula / Trainer (250+ births), Childbirth Educator, Master Herbalist, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist / Trainer (300+ placentas). Works in partnership with Karen Herriot.

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