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Do you think having a baby-feeding plan would help you to be more successful in meeting your breastfeeding goals? I think, indeed, a feeding plan is not going to let you down!

​In this 2 hour class we look at what you envision breastfeeding to be like, we will explore the breastfeeding lifestyle & prepare for your breastfeeding experience. This is solid, practical ways to explore what YOU think about breastfeeding, to examine preconceived ideas you have. We  look at your personality style and how that affects breastfeeding, and figure out your why with breastfeeding. Everyone has different outlooks on breastfeeding and has their own unique path to take.

It wouldn’t be a breastfeeding class without the anatomy & physiology of breastfeeding, with facts and not myths. We will explore how breastfeeding works, what influences outcomes. We will  discuss navigating your early breastfeeding experience while considering your birth location and care provides. Your options will be discussed so you have a good understanding of what to expect, what to do if you don’t get what you are expecting and how to get back on course, if you get off course.  At the end of the class, ultimately you will have what you need to make a baby-feeding plan and how the info and skills to communicate that plan to the appropriate people.

There will also be lots of tips and tools for success & a take home breastfeeding parent guide/workbook!

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Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Owner of Queen City Doulas & Co

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