Membership Agreement


Doulas of Regina” recognizes birth as a key life experience, the memory of which should be nurtured and protected. We are committed to providing access to emotional and physical support for families, and creating a positive and informed birth experience. Doulas of Regina wishes to provide the opportunity for our members to gather, connect and learn from one another, striving for educational opportunities relevant to maternity care. Also, we desire to develop a membership base for professional conduct and practice within our community, nurturing a positive working relationship with other professionals in the health care field.


  1. Provide a comfortable, friendly, and supportive organization in which members find mutual respect, a forum for sharing joys and concerns, and opportunities for and professional growth.
  2. Provide quality support for clients through the childbearing year.
  3. Establish and maintain a register of doulas.
  4. Provide an online website with resources for clients, agencies and medical professionals.
  5. Communication with maternal-infant health professionals to enhance communication, understanding and commitment to labour, birth and postpartum support.
  6. Collaboration with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to improving maternal and infant health.
  7. Participate in, and provide education regarding doula support and services.
  8. Offer continuing education and resources to develop doulas and the labour support profession.
  9. Support research relevant to understanding and promoting doula support.
  10. Increase the number of trained doulas.
  11. Maintain a non-profit status.


1. Conduct

  1. The doula acts in accordance with the highest standard of professional and personal integrity.
  2. The doula strives to become and remain proficient through continuing education, affiliation with related organizations, and associations with other labour/birth/post-partum support providers.

2. Ethical Responsibility to Clients

  1. The doula’s primary responsibility is to her clients.
  2. The doula will respect the privacy of clients, and hold in confidence all personal information obtained in the course of professional service.
  3. The doula works with her client(s) reliably, without fail, for the term of the agreement, unless a formal arrangement has been made to dissolve the relationship.
  4. Fees should be clearly communicated, including terms, services provided and refund policy.

3. Ethical Responsibility to Colleagues

  1. Treat colleagues and health professionals with respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith.

4. Ethical Responsibility to the Labour Support Profession

  1. The doula will uphold and advance values, ethics, knowledge and mission of the profession.
  2. The doula promotes awareness and education about doula support.
  3. The doula represents our profession well.


1. Continuity of Care

  1. The doula should make back-up arrangements with another doula to ensure services to the client if the doula is sick or unable to attend.

2. Membership Requirements

  1. All members must be professionally trained, with a minimum 16 hours workshop. Proof of training is required. Other equivalents may be considered by the Board.
  2. Newly trained doulas with no birth experience are welcome to join.
  3. Members live or work in the Regina area. Exceptions may be made through the Board.
  4. Members will engage with the group, e.g. through e-mail communication, social and educational gatherings, and/or public events.

3. Scope

  1. The doula accompanies the woman in labour, birth, and/or postpartum. She provides informational, emotional and physical support, suggests comfort measures, and provides support and suggestions for the partner.
  2. The doula does not perform clinical or medical tasks.
  3. The doula advocates for her clients’ wishes by encouraging the client to ask questions of her care provider and express preferences and concerns. The doula helps the mother incorporate changes in plans if and when the need arises. Clients and doulas must recognize the advocacy role does not include the doula speaking on behalf of the client or making decisions.
  4. For client needs beyond the scope of the doula’s training, referrals are made to appropriate resources.


The Doulas of Regina Grievance Policy has been created to ensure resolution can be made in the event of a grievance or incident. If a grievance has been filed against a member, the matter will be discussed with the Board and the doula, and a plan made for resolution. If none is found then the grievance may be passed on to the Doula’s certifying body. If the member is not certified an Ad Hoc committee may be formed.

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