Relief Fund

One of the goals of the Doulas of Regina is for all women to have access to the support and guidance they need during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Doulas of Regina Relief Fund is a program designed to help subsidize the cost for professional doula services for women who need birth support and can otherwise not afford it.

Did you know that the cost of hiring a professional doula in Regina ranges from $400-$1,500? It is often not known that there is a wide range of doula fees. Doulas charge different amounts based on experience, additional trainings, certification costs, and a multitude of other factors. Most doulas will also be happy to set up a payment plan to offset the burden of a one-time cost.

If you have limited funds, but are able to afford $400-$600, please email and request the list of doulas who charge $600 or less.

If you would like doula support, but $400 is a hardship at this time, please fill out an application. Your application will be reviewed and a decision will be made within one week.

Relief Fund Application


If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Relief Fund, please do so by clicking the “Donate” button on this page.

If you would like to donate a prize to one of our fundraisers, please email to inquire and arrange pick up.

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