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I am upbeat, positive, intelligent and empathetic. Grounded and sensitive to the needs of those around me I also strongly believe in the power of laughter!
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Birth and Postpartum Doula
3 or less births attended
Regina, SK

Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula
Overnight infant assistance
In hospital assistance
Household needs
Sibling care.

I believe that women are incredible and powerful creatures, bringing life into the world. I want to be a positive, resourceful, support to all involved in the experience. An extra set of helping hands, and someone to remind you that YOU GOT THIS, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU WILL DO IT!!

Growing up I loved spending time with my brother's children, often being called upon to help out my sisters-in-law, around the house as well as with the babies. Quite a few years later my younger sister found that her second pregnancy was to be a little girl! I was honored to be there for the labour and birth of my niece Dani; my sister tells it best below:

"​In October 2005, my sister Amy-lynn Buchanan was by my side for my entire labor and delivery of my second child. My contractions started later in the evening, and we went to the hospital around 10pm. I remember being awake and tired the entire night, labouring until early morning (around 7am) when I was finally ready to start pushing. Amy stayed awake with me and held my hand, got me ice chips and rubbed my feet & back. My husband had been working all day, so he was sleeping on the couch in the room during a large portion of the night, and the comfort I received from my sister was gratefully welcomed. She kept my spirits up when I was exhausted, and was such an incredible support. To have her not only in the room, but actively helping me throughout the entire labour and delivery of my only daughter will forever be a favourite special memory. I couldn't be more proud of the path she is taking towards being a doula - I know she will excel and be amazing at this, and so many women will be able to feel her special presence help them bring life into this world. ❤️"
- Kiley Phillips (Sister)

I have hours and hours of childcare experience. From babysitting and working in the Church nursery, to being heavily involved with my nephews and niece in their infancy and childhood.

I also played an unplanned, yet important role in my wonderful childhood friend's postpartum period, I am so grateful to have been there for her;

"I had the pleasure of having Amy by my side after having my two daughters, 11 months apart- yes, you read that right!
Being that they were so close in age, there was not a lot of sleep to be had as one was on rice cereal, one had the bottle, both in diapers and both napping for different lengths and times. I do not know what I would have done without Amy!
Amy was seriously like a baby whisperer. She had a knack for keeping the babies calm, and ME! She always knew what I needed before I even knew it and helped in more ways than I can put into words.
I will forever be grateful to Amy for being by my side at life's most busiest and most precious, and most trialing times of my life. "
- Becky Campbell (Friend)

My life has been filled with Doula moments and finding purpose in supporting those around me to the very best of my ability.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my experience, I appreciate it! Please send me a note, I would love to answer any questions you may have.

Comfortable with children of all ages - Sibling care offered
Light Cooking & Cleaning
Craft & art enthusiast
Pet friendly (some allergies, but manageable)

BWI - Birth Doula Training Certificate - June 2017
BWI - Labour Prep Class - Sept 2017
BWI - Birth Pool Attendant Training - Sept 2017
BWI - Postpartum Doula Training Certificate - November 2017

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