About Doulas of Regina

Doulas of Regina is a non-profit, professional association.

Goals & Values

  • Doulas of Regina recognizes birth as a key life experience and believes that every woman and family deserve doula support. We strive to increase public education about the benefits of doula presence.
  • Doulas of Regina is committed to providing families with access to quality information and support by providing a public registry of professionally trained doulas who adhere to a strict code of ethics and standard of practice.
  • Doulas of Regina provides the opportunity for members to gather, connect and learn from one another. We provide continuing education opportunities which cultivates the growth of individual doulas, as well as the collective profession.
  • Doulas of Regina strives to foster a positive working relationship between doulas and other professionals in the healthcare field.

Mission Statement

Supporting our members and maintaining a directory of professional doulas in the community.

2022-2023 Executive Board of Directors

Megan Talaga

Aimee Munroe

Kelsey Moore

Kim Skrypnyk Entner