Become a Doula

Are you considering becoming a doula? There are several options for doula training.

Birth Ways International (BWI) is a Canadian based organization that is based right here in Regina and run by two of our members, Angie Evans and Karen Herriot.  They offer in-person, hands-on workshops in Regina bi-annually.  You can contact them directly for more information on upcoming classes and workshops.

CAPPA and DONA are American based, international organizations that offer in-person, hands-on training workshops in some Canadian cities and throughout the United States.  They also offer distance training.  Find upcoming dates and locations online.

You can visit the websites for the organizations below to learn more about what each has to offer.

Birth Ways International
DONA International

Doulas of Regina accepts new members who are trained in-person through BWI, CAPPA, and DONA. Doulas who receive distance training or are trained through other organizations are welcome to apply. The Doulas of Regina Board of Directors will review the application and conduct an interview to assess if they meet our membership requirements and standards of practice.

Click here to complete your application for membership.